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...Celebrating 122 Years of Spiritualism

Support the oldest Spiritual Center in San Diego
... and one of the oldest in the Nation. 

HGSA has served as a place of healing for over 120 years for all those sensitive to the touch of Spirit's healing hands and nudged by Spirit's whisper! Thousands have entered our gates to feel the sacred healing energies of those who gather here in this special place of peace.

Your blessings are needed now to help restore this sanctuary of spirit so it might be here for all those seeking to be touched, to be healed, to be embraced by the unconditional love of Spirit and our community.

Please help with a pledge of your time, your talents, and/or financial support, either by a one time donation or a monthly pledge of $10 or more.

Your special gifts can help realize the splendid vision we have for this sacred healing place, and once again enjoy this little piece of Eden. Help us plant the seeds of peace, of prosperity, of spirit here now—by giving generously of your gifts and talents!

All donations are
tax deductible

Information about including Harmony Grove in your estate plan is available upon request.

Thank you for your generous support
as we work to revitalize
Harmony Grove!

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We are staffed completely by Volunteers.   

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