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Camp Opening Ceremonies

Camp opening ceremonies
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Starting generally at the end of May
and running through to the end of August.

Initially, when Harmony Grove was first founded, like many other Spiritualist Camps birthed at the turn of the 20th century, it was open only seasonally. People would come in their horse and buggies to literally “set up camp” and spend time working as Mediums or visiting with the Mediums over the summer.  As time went by, the tents evolved into seasonal cabins and then year-round houses for the Spiritualist mediums. Eventually, a church was built and lecture, healing services and séances were held year-round. However the time-honored observance of the Opening of Camp Season continued to be observed. Join our Mailing List to receive the Seasonal Harmony Grove Program Guide.

Starting generally at the end of May and running through to the end of August, the Camp Season at Harmony Grove includes many guest ministers from out of state, who present Circles on Friday nights as well as on Saturday afternoon or evening. Many will also include events on Sunday afternoon too!  Camp Closing Ceremonies are held generally the last weekend in August and include many similar events to the ones listed below.

Up until the 1960’s the Camp Openings included the local Native Americans who joined in Pow-Wow. Honoring this tradition, the Camp Opening at Harmony Grove often includes Native American Dancing and Drum Circles. Camp Opening ceremonies, begin with a prayer, which includes a tribute to all the Harmony Grove Pioneers who have passed and to the troops in combat. Raising of the flag signals the official “Opening of the Camp” to visitors!

The various volunteer Harmony Grove committees set up tables on Membership, Harmony Grove Institutes, History, as well as Fundraising. Silent auctions and prizes are spearheaded by the Ways and Means Committee. So it’s a great opportunity to learn all about Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association.

It is a festive weekend with hometown flair with discovery and delight for the whole family. Meals, snacks, and refreshments are served in Fellowship Hall throughout the day. The Chili- Cook-off and Bake-offs draw many creative culinary entrants!  Free presentations, talks and lectures on Spiritualist Topics are offered throughout the day as well as events centered around the Medicine Wheel and Labyrinth. The Psychic Playground area draws children and adults! The Green takes on a festival atmosphere with cotton candy and popcorn filling the air. The root beer floats are always popular!

 Vendor booths, healers, and mediums set up their booths to present a delightful and enriching selection of offerings. These may include aura photography, psychic artists, and spirit-inspired art. Mediums offer their gifts, as medical intuitives, animal communicators and evidential contact with loved ones who have passed over. A variety of mediums and psychic readers include: smoke readings, tarot readings, palm readings, angel, teachers and guides readings, or flower readings. Healers include: animal healers, laying on of hands, energy healing, Reiki, and massage. The merchandise booths include Crystals, handcrafted Jewelry, Scarves, Ceramics, Objects of Delight, Baked goodies, Books, and Healing tools such as Orgone pyramids, wands, and sacred geometry.

If you would like to volunteer, rent a vendor booth, or have items to donate, please contact the office (760-745-9176).


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