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HGSA History
Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is located on 13 acres in a beautiful oak tree grove a few miles west of Escondido. The association was formed and incorporated in 1896 to further the teaching of spiritualism as a religion, philosophy and science. At a 'Home Circle' through the mediumship of Mary James Even, daughter of Sylvanus and Mary Nulton, the attendants were instructed to organize a Camp meeting. The first such meeting was held July 4th, 1896. In 1897 Mr. Nulton leased to the association a 3 acre portion of his ranch now occupied by the Fellowship Hall and Medium's cabin. At that time the only way to get to the camp was traveling along a trail that followed the southeast bank of the Escondido Creek. Naturally a corral and long hitching post were provided for the many visitors.
Originally there was a large platform with 10 foot square movable floorings placed in front of the platform for summer use. A canvas roof kept off the sun (and rain?). Water was supplied by a well, windmill, and tank. In the spring of 1916, Mary C. Vlasek was the first one in charge of the Lyceum and Healing. Lyceum was held at 9:30 am every Sunday morning during the camp season.
history Sometime around 1920, a country road was built on the northwest side of Escondido creek and a wood bridge was built across the creek to connect the campsite and the road. In October 1922, a 10 acre portion adjoining the leased land on the east was purchased by a group of the pioneers. This land was granted to the Association with the provision that it only be used for the dissemination of spiritualism. A portion of the ten acres was plotted and lots were made available for lease. Since that time a number of homes have been erected and 29 homes now stand on leased lots. Many of these residents are ministers, healers, psychics, mediums, teachers, and students of spiritualism.
During camp seasons in the past, bus loads of people used to flock to the Grove where as many as 300 people were served breakfast and thousands came to share and learn about Spiritualism at Harmony Grove. We are striving once again to bring the masses to the Grove where they can learn about the teachings of Spiritualism through the many workshops, seminars, and classes being offered.
history Eloise Quisquis' daughter, Jeanie, was the first child born to a resident in Harmony Grove. We find it particularly interesting that this first child is also a Native American. The Indian Pow-Wows or Festivals which until recently had been held annually at the Grove since 1916 are a large part of the Grove's history. The Native Americans are truly in constant contact with 'The Great Spirit.' There is much to learn from their culture--especially since Chief Joseph is an important part of Harmony Grove. An artist's portrait of him hangs in the church.
Harmony Grove is, has been, and always will be a spiritual center open to anyone who desires to learn the principles, philosophy and teachings of Spiritualism. We need to do what is necessary to continue to grow so that God's Light, Love, Truth, and Peace are multiplied evermore--and that is by each of us working for spirit, with spirit, and through spirit.
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