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Psychic Fairs

The first Saturday of each month
Harmony Grove holds a Psychic Fair
from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

$25 for a 15 minute reading. 

Vendor booth spaces available
Please call the office for information

An established tradition for as long as anyone can remember is the Psychic Fair held on the first Saturday of each month at Harmony Grove. To assist you in starting your day off right on your journey to communication with "the other side," we invite you to join us for breakfast in Fellowship Hall. The Hall is also open for lunch on Psychic Fair day with a menu of soup, salad, and sandwiches. Vendors booths at the Fair may include aura photography in the Séance Room, healing crystals and crystal singing bowls, spiritual art and Native American crafts, gemstone jewelry and healing tools. You are invited to relax under the ancient oak trees, walk the labyrinth, or wander through the Meditation Garden to await a reading with one of your favorite Psychics, Spiritual readers or Spiritual Healers.  Unless there is rainy weather (in which case the readers are inside the Grove buildings) you will find yourself in a private outdoor setting on the sacred spiritual grounds of the ancient oak grove. Just being on these healing grounds is a rejuvenating experience; so give yourself plenty of time to soak in the spiritual energies pouring from this vortex. If you look closely, you just may catch sight of some of the Spiritualist pioneers and Indians who, in Spirit, come back to visit whenever there's a gathering!

Every Spiritual reader or healer at the Harmony Grove Psychic Fair is an established professional medium, with the highest of ethics and accuracy. Not only is each reader or healer highly regarded in the Spiritual Community but also, each one is Board Certified. This ensures that all readings by these evidential mediums meet the high standards set by HGSA. All readers and healers work with Spirit Guides, Angels, and Teachers, to bring you the information most needed to assist you.

Spiritual healers may use different energies such as: Chakra balancing, Reiki, Lightbody, Healing Touch, aromatherapy or sound, to help your Spirit Healers to move you that much further into balance.

The traditional Spiritual readings given by the light trance mediums at Harmony Grove are similar to having a three-way conversation; only the third person is visible to the clairvoyant! The reader listens to their guide and then communicates that information to you. Psychic Spiritual mediums also have a variety of tools that they may utilize to assist them in focusing in on your energy more accurately. These tools give a wonderful variety to the kind of reading you may select on your visit to a Harmony Grove Psychic Fair. So you may have readers who use Numerology, Astrology, or give Aura readings, they may use crystals and healing stones, or use Tarot cards, Medicine cards, the I Ching or Rune Stones. Flower reading are always popular as are our Spiritual Artists who will draw a portrait of your Spirit Guides! Psychometry, which is holding a personal object, such as your car keys is always an interesting way to receive information. Yes, your keys can tell tales for those who have ears to hear! You also may find readers who use a pendulum to literally dowse the energy of the issue or use tea leaves or give palm readings. As you can see there are many tools for Spirit to use to give psychic readings! After breakfast or lunch, you may even be able to get a Dirty Plate Reading! This may sound unbelievable, but this type of reading is a long established tradition in old Spiritualist Circles and they are very revealing!

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is open and
receptive to new thoughts and progressive philosophies
of Spiritualism. If you are an ordained Spiritualist Minister
and would like to serve at Harmony Grove:
Contact Us

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association assumes no responsibility or obligation regarding, and does not warrant either expressed or implied, the content and the materials presented in any séance, circle, class or
workshop conducted on the premises.



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