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Healing & Lecture Services
Lecture Services
Healing Services
Healing Services

Healing Service

The act of Spiritual Healing is one of the greatest gifts that we can share with our fellow man. All healing power comes from the One Divine Intelligence that permeates all things. Those who have innate healing abilities and those who have also developed their natural talents in healing offer their gifts at our Healing Services as Spiritual Channels. Their gifts of healing come from working through the direction and influence of Spiritual Beings, for the relief, cure, and healing of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual diseases. No healer ever heals another. They are conduits for the Divine Healing Power to flow through them.

The healee is the recipient of this healing energy. It is important that the healee remains open and receptive to the healing power and know that the healing has taken place.

An acceptance of faith or belief, either direct or indirect, must exist among the receiver (the one in need) and the transmitter (the healer) and the actual administrator of healing (Spirit). Love and compassion between healer, sufferer, and Spirit is the basis of harmony – the basis of true attunement and rapport.

No diagnosing, no prescribing, and no manipulating is ever done with Spiritual Healing 

Absentee healing is practiced at each of our Healing Services. Please contact the Office if you would like a loved one’s name placed in our Absentee Healing Book.

Click here to view the schedule of upcoming Guest Ministers of the weekend who will be presiding over the Healing Services.

Lecture Services
Rev. Roy Winn
Rev. Roy Winn
Rev. Coy Johnston
Rev. Coy Johnston

Some Spiritualist Churches call the Church Service, a Lecture Service, although in general lectures take place in Lecture Halls, while Sermons take place in Churches! The Lecture Services at Harmony Grove’s Church always incorporate music and songs to lift the Spirit and vibration. The sermon is approximately 20 minutes, followed by demonstrations of the continuity of life.

Sermons given by the guest ministers at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association hopefully will inspire and move your Spirit into transformation, feeding the life force that is within you. It is our intention that the sermon will invite you into a potentially new way of thinking, which enhances your Being in all ways. As Spiritualists we not only talk of, but we also demonstrate the continuity of life and personal responsibility.  The Sermons bring this out in many different forms, so that all may have an opportunity to find their approach to the Infinite one/God of their understanding. All faiths are welcome to attend.

Belief in the continuity of life is one of the Principles of Spiritualism. Following the sermon, this is demonstrated at every Lecture Service by Message Bearers. Loved ones in Spirit may step forward, or your Spirit Guides may offer confirmation, direction, or words of encouragement. The messages are always ones to uplift and support you on your path and are never embarrassing. Permission is always asked of the recipient prior to their message being given from the lectern.

Click here to view the schedule of upcoming Guest Ministers of the weekend who will be presiding over the Lecture Services.

Lecture Services at Harmony Grove take place every Sunday at 10:30 AM in the Healing Temple.

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is open and receptive to new thoughts and progressive philosophies
of Spiritualism. If you are an ordained Spiritualist Minister and would like to serve at Harmony Grove:
Contact Us

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association assumes no responsibility or obligation regarding, and does not warrant either expressed or implied, the content and the materials presented in any séance, circle, class or
workshop conducted on the premises.

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