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Photo by Marilyn Johnson-Koslow
Photo by Marilyn Johnson-Koslow

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Photo by Annette Cavender
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Life Hack for Quarantine
Rev. Jeanie Avila

"Hack" is a slang term defined by Merriam-Webster as: a simple and clever technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently. "Life hacks" are all about eliminating life's manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways. The best "life hacks" are free, efficient and stunningly obvious in retrospect.

The "life hack" I'm sharing today is an easy meditation for letting go of what we no longer need and replacing with what we want to manifest. Meditation, for me and many others that are in classes I've facilitated at Harmony Grove, can be not so easy to do and sometimes confusing. Following a guided meditation is simple but on your own it's a different story. Common complaints: "I can't quiet my mind! To mantra? Not to mantra? What does the mantra mean again?"

No matter where we are in our spiritual journey many are having a hard time meditating right now. Even those who are used to meditating are finding it difficult to concentrate. These quarantine times have been most trying for everyone as we are forced to slow down and sit still. Stillness forces us to listen to those inner voices we've been ignoring. As Spiritualists we know we can run but we cannot hide. What we choose not to look at today will come back around. Quarantine is giving everyone this opportunity for introspection. Many of us are experiencing multiple issues coming up to be unpacked.

We and the Universe, in all our infinite wisdom, have decided that it is time to get rid of all baggage accumulated from all relationships, from all our collectives, past and present and future, and throughout all dimensions. Oh yes, and we are going to process all this NOW!

This took me a little while to figure out. I thought like many of us, that this time is the worst-case scenario happening but I could get the house and yard in shape. Do things that have been put off like reading all those spiritual books I've been collecting!

Well that hasn't worked out so well for me. As a friend of mine from when I worked at County Behavioral Health recently stated, "The truth is...quarantine is not just staying home and watching Netflix. Quarantine, has and will, continue to manifest our issues in many different ways, forms and behaviors."

Do any of these feel familiar from the last two months? Abandonment wounds, attachment issues, relational conflicts, overwhelming grief, lack of purpose, crippling anxiety, fear of change, fear of death, fear of starvation, fear of loss, toss in the fear of no of toilet paper? And my personal favorite, "existential dread." Fears are causing a quagmire of emotions that are interfering with the ability to quiet our minds.

Just entering the grocery store we are bombarded by all this free floating energy and it can be very draining. Meditating and grounding is always the answer. Identifying what's really "yours," "theirs" and "ours" is essential at this time.

This "life hack," as I'm calling it, is for everyone, those who are in the beginning of their spiritual journey and also for those that have been excavating and doing that deep soul work for years. Either way, the energy now will not be put off and must be addressed. Think of it as the clearing out of "soul closets."

Meditation helps to do this work. Mantras are not my personal preference for meditating but this one is very simple and works with the angelic realm.

Thank you, (breathe) Thank you, (breathe) Thank you (breathe)

It will keep our mind and spirit from wandering too much. Basically, it is an active conversation whether out loud or internal. Just start talking.

Say... Thank you for.... "fill in the blank," thank you for the opportunity to... "fill in the blank," Thank you for this person in my life.... etc.

When you run out of ideas just say .....
"Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God"

This meditation can last as long or as short as needed. Anywhere from two minutes to twenty minutes. The length is not as important as the depth of what we speak. The more mantra is practiced the more powerful it is. Now is the time to design what we want in our future. This new energy is literally forcing us. Focusing on what we want and not on all the "fears of" will automatically fill our future with the things for which we are grateful. No room for anything else!

I hope this helps in understanding what everyone may be experiencing and a helpful new "life hack" around the frustrations of meditating in a simple and deliciously clever way! Blessings!

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Rev. Jean Avila has been a member and a student of Harmony Grove since 2004. She was ordained in 2013 and has studied many forms of Healing and Mediumship.

She is a certified HGSA Healer, Medium, Hypnotherapist, Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator, and a Master of Reiki. She has served on the HGSA board of directors and on the Education Committee.

Rev. Jean has retired from San Diego County Behavioral Health Services. She lives with her husband Ramon in Fallbrook.


From the Harmony Zone

As we continue to navigate the changes to our personal and collective paths, we at Harmony Grove continue to send love, light, and healing to all of our members and community.

For now, HGSA remains closed, with all services, classes, circles, and other scheduled events on hold indefinitely.

Our primary concern and responsibility is for the health and safety of our HGSA community.

We will continue to conduct business as usual and will be monitoring the office phone and emails. For everyone's safety, we request that the public not visit the Grove until we announce our reopening.

We will continue sending our weekly email with announcements and inspirational messages.

Please let us know of any special needs and concerns, of any ways that we might offer support, even from a distance.

We look forward to seeing you at the Grove again very soon!


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HGSA Board of Directors 2019-2020
Rev. Annette Cavender President  
Laura Johnson Vice President
Rev. Marilyn Johnson-Kozlow Recording Secretary
Rev. Marreena Appleton Financial Secretary
Marla Sweet Treasurer
Rev. Glenn Haddick Director of Education
Tracee Haftorson
Amy Arends Trustee

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* 3. HGSA would like to receive/collect photographs taken prior to the fire from those who may have snapshots of the HGSA Buildings and Cottages.


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Rev. Pete was a shining light teaching us to Take time to be friendly!

Donations may made to the "Rev. Pete Monroe Scholarship Fund."
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